Current Projects

Autonomous robotics and their growing presence in our workplaces.

Working safely with collaborative robots

The ageing demographic of the Australian workforce: prevention of work health and safety harm

Understanding the harms associated with welding fumes, the industry and its practices to reduce future exposure.

Welding fume harms

Understanding the WHS context in the food delivery sector of the gig economy.

Gig economy roles and responsibilities in WHS

Reducing respirable crystalline silica exposure

Real-Time silica detection

Exploring interventions and strategies towards the creation and support of mentally healthy workplaces.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Analysing data to aid the prevention of suicide.

Understanding suicide rates in different occupational and industry groups

Using a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model in understanding exposure to traumatic events.

Preventing psychological harm in first responder organisations.

Investigating the psychological barriers to accepting advice from thinking machines in the workplace.

Trusting artificial intelligence at work

Designing a best practice model to advance psychosocially safe work from alternate locations

Flexible work and psychosocial safety

Preparing a protocol and scorecard to guide the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence for positive work health and safety outcomes.

Ethical use of artificial intelligence in the workplace

Examining the WHS pressures on farmers from an increasingly variable climate.

Emerging work health and safety impacts on farmers

What are the current WHS issues facing Aboriginal workers and businesses in NSW?

Work health and safety harms affecting Aboriginal workers and businesses

Exploring the link between mental and emotional health factors and the risk of workplace injury.

The link between workplace stressors and physical injury

Using technology to improve WHS outcomes.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for WHS management

Developing evidence-based strategies to improve the health of truck drivers.

Driving Health: National Transport Industry Health and Wellbeing Study

Developing leadership skills to improve safety culture and machine safety in manufacturing.

Using machinery safely

Developing a duty-holder assessment framework for WHS enforcement.

Developing a duty-holder assessment framework for better WHS regulatory outcomes

How effective are e-mental health services? Can we identify patterns to inform prevention, intervention and treatment of mental health conditions?

Mental health in remote and rural farming communities

Exploring the scope and definition of work health.

Work health survey

Examining the effectiveness of digital engagement in a regulatory environment

Digital engagement