Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Research question

How can we improve the capability of businesses to create mentally healthy workplaces by effectively managing mental health risk and hazards?

What is this research about?

In the workplace, poor mental health is emerging as a significant risk to people, businesses, government and the broader community.

As awareness has grown, so has the understanding of the associated social, financial, and economic costs of poor mental health in the workplace.

Globally, there is a shift from targeting specific individual risks to a worker’s mental health towards a broader approach that identifies and drives key aspects of a mentally healthy workplace.

The aim of this approach is to improve mental health outcomes at work by providing businesses with the tools and capabilities required to create safe, healthy and productive workplaces.

This research initiative is informed by the NSW Mentally Healthy Workplaces (MHW) Strategy 2018-22 (SafeWork NSW, 2018) which is supported by published research, and sets out a long-term vison to create mentally healthy workplaces across NSW.

What will the researchers do?

The researchers will enable businesses and workers to improve their capability to create mentally healthy workplaces, and effectively manage mental health risks and hazards.

This project will consist of three phases focusing on the high-risk industries identified in the NSW MHW Strategy 2018-22 (SafeWork NSW, 2018):

  • Phase 1 will include a systematic review of current interventions and strategies.
  • Phase 2 will design and conduct a qualitative study exploring the barriers and motivators to workers and businesses in adopting and maintaining mental health interventions and strategies.
  • Phase 3 will develop and test interventions and strategies towards the creation and support of mentally healthy workplaces.

Research partners and stakeholders

The tenders are currently under review.


Tender opens: 12 October 2020

Tender closes: 6 November 2020

Project commenced: December 2020

Project completion: February 2022

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