Our approach

The Centre for Work Health and Safety’s approach is founded on open and transparent communication and information sharing. Through this we establish trust, create collaboration, and provide opportunities for others to learn from our knowledge and experiences.

Our aim is to unearth evidence that shapes work health and safety policy, practice and performance ultimately enhancing healthy, safe and productive working lives.  We co-design research with workers, industry, government and research community to uncover insights:

  • ensuring the research is practical and useful for the end user
  • generating and/or distributing new knowledge about work health and safety risks and controls
  • quickly translating research findings and new knowledge into practice and innovative harm-prevention interventions
  • drawing together expertise to identify, pose and tackle important questions that emerge in relation to work health and safety
  • developing an effective and evidence-based injury and illness surveillance system to drive further reductions in the incidence of workplace harm in NSW.

What we deliver

In today’s world, challenging the status quo assists organisations in developing more efficient and effective strategies to problem solve and manage issues. The Centre is about a smarter approach – changing the way we think and act in terms of health and safety in the workplace.  We collate the latest data and invest in research to advance safer business practices and more effective regulation for workplaces in New South Wales. This is a unique way of thinking about work health and safety.

By being collaborative and transparent through sharing insights, our partners and stakeholders will clearly understand the issues we are tackling and how we are developing more effective strategies to manage them. Through these approaches the Centre delivers real, practical and applied outputs to strive for excellence in keeping workers safe.

Who delivers

We obviously can’t do this alone. The Centre comprises a team of experts across science, data and analytics, outreach and business insight. We have built a network of world-class expertise and capabilities to advance safer business practices and more effective regulation for workplaces in NSW.

Our advisory Research Foundation will provide leading-edge, cross-disciplinary and applicable academic research through collaboration and partnership with eminent providers.

Through information sharing and cooperative relationships with our partners, peers and industry sectors, we continuously refine our approach to drive best practice in work health and safety.

When we deliver

Throughout the world, organisations having the greatest success are maximising their impact by becoming increasingly flexible and agile. The Centre prides itself on its adaptive, timely attitude; knowing when to be proactive and knowing when to be reactive.

We are developing an evidence-based surveillance system to understand the variables associated with a workplace that may be at risk of having an incident.  This will help the regulator and industry to proactively assess compliance and implement more effective harm preventative measures.

By engaging with eminent researchers, leading industry representatives, world class regulators and a range of other stakeholders, we understand the priorities of the workforce and what measures are required to effect change in a timely and appropriate way.

Why we deliver

We want to change the way we think and act towards health and safety in the workplace so that every NSW worker can go home to their loved ones at the end of the work day.

We are committed to delivering on the strategic outcomes set out in the Work Health and Safety Roadmap for NSW 2022.  The Roadmap identifies a number priorities for NSW including the embedding of a heathy and safe culture in workplaces, reducing harm in high risk sectors, protecting at risk workers, and building exemplary regulatory services.

How we deliver

Evidence-based decision making is paramount.  The Centre brings together relevant partners and leaders in research to co-design the scope of projects to reveal important health and safety insights. These are translated into innovative harm-prevention strategies that are clearly understood by workers and employers across industry sectors. By sharing new technologies and using digital capabilities, we create exceptional experiences and deliver better processes and services to NSW workers.

Rather than the ‘tired’ and tested methods, the Centre challenges the norm and debates the effectiveness of traditional approaches. We focus on diverse and innovative thinking. The Centre is a place of trust and respect, where everyone’s voice is heard. We cultivate positive attitudes and support everyone’s right to access information and that, by being transparent, we foster collaboration.