Our Strategic Plan

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Our Story

The story of the Sea Cliff Bridge, pictured above, represents what we see as the Centre’s purpose: innovative solutions to age old or difficult problems.

The narrative behind building this bridge speaks to a different approach; utilising the power of diversity, recognising the importance of cultural fit as much as technical ability, and demonstrating the power of collaboration and co-design to drive an inventive solution.

The Sea Cliff Bridge was a solution to a section of road connecting the communities of Clifton and Coalcliff. Stricken by rockfall and landslips for 123 years, the norm was challenged to identify a sustainable solution to the problem.

The NSW Government formed an alliance with specialists, designers, and other key partners, who picked team members on a “best for project” basis demonstrating not just the technical skills required, but also the readiness to embrace the desired culture.

The bridge was opened three months ahead of schedule, representing an innovative solution, unconfined by the original boundaries.

This approach is comparable to our Centre - our approach includes challenging the traditional approaches, believing in diversity to enable innovative thinking, and using the power of the collective to create practical solutions.

Our Pillars

The Centre for Work Health and Safety is committed to producing quality research that has a real impact on NSW workplaces. These pillars embody how we work, what we strive to achieve and to what we hold ourselves accountable.