Research to practice

We want to change the way we think and act towards health and safety in the workplace. Because one injured worker is too many; one fatality is unacceptable. We want every NSW worker to be able to go home to their loved ones safely and supported.
In today’s world, challenging the status quo enables organisations to develop more efficient and effective strategies to solve problems, and manage issues. The Centre is about ‘a smarter approach’. We want to use research to drive change.
By collating and sharing the latest data and research, being collaborative and transparent, our partners and stakeholders will clearly understand the issues that NSW workplaces are tackling, and the strategies being developed to manage them.
We can’t do this alone. Our goal is to build a network of exceptional expertise and capability, to advance safer business practices and more effective regulation for workplaces in NSW. We will:
  • Draw together expertise to identify, pose and tackle important questions that emerge in relation to work health and safety (WHS),
  • Develop an effective and evidence-based injury and illness surveillance system to drive further reductions in the unacceptably high incidence of workplace fatalities and serious injuries in NSW.
  • Generate and/or disseminate new knowledge about WHS risks and controls
  • Quickly translate research findings and new knowledge into practice, and innovative harm-prevention interventions.
Through this, we will engender trust, and establish our reputation as leaders in the commitment to healthy, safe and productive working lives.