Crane safety

Research question

How do we better understand the causes and prevention of crane related incidents in NSW?

What is this research about?

The Centre has commissioned RMIT to investigate the causes of crane related incidents and the strategies/programs/approaches that have been successfully implemented to prevent them in the construction industry.

The project gathers data from a variety of sources, both quantitative and qualitative, as well as a systematic review of the literature which will cover the safety outcomes for crane activities.

Collectively, these data will inform a robust set of evidence-based actions to prevent further serious injuries and fatalities relating to cranes.

Timeline of Project

Project commenced: Late 2017

Project completion: Mid 2019

What will the researchers do?

The researchers will develop a literature review to inform the exploratory phase of the research project. The literature review shall address:

  • Leading WHS causation frameworks
  • Causal factors and prevention strategies, programs and/or approaches related to crane-related incidents in the construction industry and involving fixed and mobile cranes

The researcher will also capture qualitative data involving focus groups, surveys or interviews, with the data collected providing clear feedback about the relevance of the causal factors and prevention strategies identified in the literature review for the NSW crane industry. The study will seek feedback from key informants within:

  1. The workplace (e.g., licence holders, crane operators, dogmen, riggers, business owners, suppliers)
  2. The industry (e.g. RTO, assessors, unions)
  3. The regulatory entity (e.g., inspectors, investigators. policy makers)

Research partners and stakeholders

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

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