Driving Health: National Transport Industry Health and Wellbeing Study

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Research questions

What are truck drivers’ and employers’ perspectives of the health concerns and factors affecting health in truck drivers?

What is this research about?

This study characterises the physical and mental health of Australian truck drivers, and identifies major areas of concern. We are surveying the largest ever cohort of Australian truck drivers to identify work, personal, social and environmental factors that improve and impair health.

The research is also establishing the business case for investing in prevention programs in the transport industry.

This study is conducted in collaboration with transport industry stakeholders to co-design health-focused intervention strategies, programs, policies and services.

Our project partners include Monash University and the National Health and Medical Research Council (Research partners); as well as Linfox Logistics and the Transport Workers Union (Industry partners).

Timeline of Project

Project commenced: Mid 2019

Project completion: Mid 2021

What will the researchers do?

We will be surveying the largest ever cohort of Australian truck drivers across the following areas:

  1. personal and social factors
  2. work factors
  3. environmental factors
  4. regulatory factors
  5. specific health risk factors
  6. and health and driving performance outcomes.

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A qualitative investigation will be undertaken via a series of one-on-one interviews with truck drivers and their employers. An interview schedule will be developed in accordance with the conceptual model used in this study. This will explore each participant’s perspectives on the six areas of the model and the relationships between these areas.

A rapid review of existing intervention literature will be conducted, and a mapping approach will be applied to develop new ‘ready to implement’ intervention strategies. This will be done in collaboration with industry, employers, regulators, drivers and others in the sector.

Research partners and stakeholders

The breadth of academic experience from the Centre for WHS and Monash University, as well as the strength of the project partners ties industry, academia and unions together to co-design our research.

Monash University

Linfox Logistics

Transport Workers Union

National Health and Medical Research Council

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Supporting documents

*Centre for Work Health and Safety Research Blueprint - Core Stream of Research

Driving Health - Monash University