Investment and funding

Research will range from short term investment, through to longer term investment in line with the priority areas outlined within the Research Blueprint and the Work Health and Safety Roadmap for NSW 2022.

Priority will be given to research projects that:

  • Are multidisciplinary, with collaboration between universities, industry, and SafeWork NSW
  • Generate new knowledge and insights for practice, with a focus on adoption, application and use
  • Outline what will change as a result of the research, and how change might be initiated
  • Detail a ‘research to practice’ plan to ensure successful translation and evaluation
  • Access other sources of funding (eg ARC)

The Centre will also invest in a range of ongoing initiatives aimed at supporting the practice of work health and safety (WHS) in NSW and Australia.  Such initiatives may include regular forums, events, and investment in the future of WHS science. The Centre’s investment will be expected to:

  • build scale and critical mass in research
  • encourage researchers to enter the field and develop careers in WHS research.

Keep an eye on the Centre for Work Health and Safety website for new projects to collaborate with us.