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Foundation meeting 28 November 2017

The Research Foundation used this meeting to review and build governance documents for the Centre for Work Health and Safety.

Chairperson Mr Dunphy advised that he was looking forward to the official launch of the Centre for Work Health and Safety on the 5th December 2017.

As per previous meeting actions the Research Foundation Terms of Reference was reviewed with further changes made to the document. Changes were made in relation to Conflict of Interests and Remuneration in line with the Classification and Remuneration Framework for NSW Government Boards and Committees.

The Research Foundation then immersed themselves in the interactive workshop where they were pushed outside of their more traditional thought processes to think of new and imaginative ways that the Centre could establish itself with a firm set of principles that will underpin the Centre for WHS’s Research Blueprint.

The meeting was closed discussing the ‘next steps’. It was noted that:

  • The Centre will circulate the first iteration of the Research Blueprint.
  • The Centre will officially launch, with the Minister, on 5 December 2017 in Gosford.
  • Actions will be completed accordingly.