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Foundation Meeting 6 February 2018

Chairperson Mr Peter Dunphy opened the meeting by thanking those who attended the official launch and commented on the great feedback received for the event.

The Research Foundation Terms of Reference was reviewed with the last amendments made to the document. Changes were made to conflicts of interest, remuneration and methods of attendance.

The Research Foundation then provided feedback on the latest iteration of the Research Blueprint.

The Centre’s Research Manager, Dr Abílio de Almeida Neto, introduced the first two project concepts briefs to the Foundation for discussion and review. Feedback was provided which the Centre will review before the briefs are progressed.

The meeting was closed by singing Happy Birthday to Peter Dunphy then discussing the ‘next steps’. It was noted that:

  • The Centre will circulate the final changes to the Research Blueprint.
  • The Centre will also circulate the final changes to the Terms of Reference.
  • Actions will be completed accordingly.