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Foundation meeting 8 May 2018

Chairperson, Mr Andrew Gavrielatos, welcomed the members in his new role as Executive Director of SafeWork Special Services. Mr Gavrielatos said that he was excited at the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of WHS experts and specialists.

The Research Foundation Terms of Reference have been reviewed and approved with no further changes being made.

The newly printed Centre’s Research Blueprint was issued to the members, who had significant input on the final document.

Skye Buatava, Director of the Centre, introduced the new project concept briefs for the members to discuss and review.

The projects put forward for consideration included researching:

  • the contributing factors of serious crane incidents,
  • how to prevent musculoskeletal conditions in specific environments,
  • how to prevent workplace harm for people working with electricity,
  • how to prevent workplace harm for people working with machinery,
  • how changes to a working environment affect individuals.

Discussions and advice from the meeting will inform the next steps for these projects and more information will be provided on the Centre’s website